Monday, July 9, 2012

 "FRM-92120 Registry.dat is Missing" Error Message When Launching a Forms Based Function

After an upgrade of Oracle e-Business Suite, when launching a forms based function from a client browser, the user encounters the following error:

is missing

Java Exception
oracle.forms.engine.RunformsException:FRM-92100 :Registry file 
https://appsnode:8000/OA_JAVA/oracle/forms/registry/Registry.dat is missing
at java.lang.Throwable<init>(Compiled Code)
at java.lang.Exception.<init>Compiled Code)
at oracle.forms.engine.RunformsException.<init>(Unknown Source)

This error only occurs for a small number of user PCs and is due to the Jinitiator installation not being completed successfully, or has been corrupted

Solution - 
  1. From Control Panel click on the Add /Remove program and remove Oracle Jinitiator  on the user's machine.
  2. Relogin to the Oracle Ebusiness Suite which will prompt for a clean install of Oracle Jinitiator.
After re-Install of Jinitiator the forms function opens up fine. 

Note - If you are using any non MS browser, you may still face the issue. However the issue could be intermittent so its advisable to use it with IE