Tuesday, July 31, 2012

 Error While Loading Shared Libraries: libdb.so.2: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory 

During Installation of Oracle E-Biz R12.1.1 on OEL 5.6 - 32 Bit though, all the pre-reqs were met as per the MOS tech note for Installation and all pre-req check from the rapidwiz Installer went fine.
Installation went fine but at the end of installation, during validating system configuration it failed on HTTP, loginpage, Help Directory and JSP.
When checked all services were up and running except web server.
ias-component                              | process-type       |     pid | status
OC4JGroup:default_group          | OC4J:oafm          |   13776 | Alive
OC4JGroup:default_group          | OC4J:forms         |   13703 | Alive
OC4JGroup:default_group          | OC4J:oacore        |   13617 | Alive
HTTP_Server                                  | HTTP_Server        |   13560 | Down 

Http_server is shown as Down.
Log shows - 
RW-50015: Error: - HTTP Listener is not responding. The service might not have started on the port yet. Please check the service and use the retry button. 
Apache Logs  - 
/u01/app/oracle/visr12/apps/tech_st/10.1.3/Apache/Apache/bin/httpd: error while loading shared libraries: libdb.so.2: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
Cause - 
http web server unable to start due to missing library. The issue is with missing libdb.so.2 file. One needs to create the soft link to existing library to resolve this issue.
Fix - 
1) Shutdown all application services.
2) create link for library file as below
     ln -s   /usr/lib/libgdbm.so.2.0.0  /usr/lib/libdb.so.2
3) Startup all application services.
All the services came up fine this time around. I can now access my login page :)

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